Witness to a Praying Wife

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“This is a testimony of God’s faithfulness. I see the power of a praying WIFE: Word-Inspired, Faith-Encouraged


If you are here today lost, broken, desolate, depressed, you get your inspiration not from yourself or your career or children but The Word. Dive back into The Word. Just open your bible and ask God, “Speak to me in this pain,” because no human can save you, no legal attorney can save you. It’s only Christ who can save you.


For those who feel guilty that they don’t have the financial capacity of the other spouse and the children prefer that spouse, the best thing you can give your children is not gifts but the gospel.


My encouragement for you is to align first your heart with Christ then draw your children to the same source of power. This is the exact example of what we see in Malu’s life. Malu could not have done it on her own with all her gifts, talents, beauty but she was able to do it with Christ and consistency.”


-Roni Gutierrez, Core Servant, PWF

TORN BETWEEN TWO HATERS with Atty. Claro Paulo Ortiz and Malu Tiongson-Ortiz

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