What a joy to hear God’s Word applied and causing transformation of hearts and relationships. This was an impromptu sharing last Saturday among the early birds as we waited for the 9am start of the Legal Wife Forum event with Atty. Robert Samarita, Atty. Paulo Ortiz, and Atty. Aleth Cubacub.

Praise God, Joy, for sharing this spiritual milestone! It reminds all of us that the Lord’s ways are higher than ours (Isa 55:8-11) and that though His commands sometimes don’t make sense, it is when we believe (obey) Him—- not merely believe in Him—- that we get to experience the blessing of obedience.

[Even the demons believe that there is one God and shudder. James 2:19. What distinguishes us from demons is when we obey instead of rebel against God.]

“With God, to believe is to see.” – Dr. Peter Tanchi

“Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the woman who takes refuge in Him.” Psalm 34:8

Joy’s Transcribed Testimony:

“The first time that I attended the Praying Wife Forum that was like five Saturdays ago, I was siguro full of anger pa ako noon… resentment, and bitterness that time.

The things that I’ve learned from the first time that I came here, I applied it in my life kaagad. So parang sabi ko, ‘Lord, how can I have a gentle and quiet spirit e I’m a nagger…?’ I’m very… [To husband:] ‘You cannot do that!’ Parang gano’n no. But with that, I asked the Holy Spirit to fill me. 

[Our mentor told me:] Tingnan natin yung sarili natin kung ano yung pagkukulang natin (hindi yung pagkukulang ng partner natin). So parang ang hirap sa akin, ‘Hindi Lord e, ako na nga yung naapi , ako pa ang idideal Mo with my sins? Sabi ko, ‘Hindi pwede no?!’

I talked to three lawyers and then I was ready to file the case…
I stopped and then I prayed. With the help of my sisters in Christ, (if I may borrow your word, Malu) I marinated myself in the word of God. I meditated… Parang inopen ni God yung spiritual eyes ko and parang yung hardened heart ko yung lahat na, I surrendered everything to God.

And then last Sunday one of the pastors in Pastoral Care texted me that my husband daw is willing to go to Pastoral Care and work on our marriage.

I blocked him in my phone and everything so parang [his message was relayed to me], ‘Tell Joy that I’m willing to do everything—- whatever it takes. I’m going to talk to a pastor in CCF.

So sabi ko, ‘HUH??? Siya talaga sobra yung pride niya ; hindi niya gagawin ‘yon.’

Instead of going to the court, I obeyed the bible that if we are both Christians, seek the counsel of the elders ng church. So I obeyed. Pero hindi po ako ganon. Sobrang matapang po ako kasi I’m surrounded also with lawyers na mga friends and even my foster dad. ‘Kailangan ito! Karapatan ko ‘to!’

If you surrender your life to God, babaguguhin Niya lahat yon e. Nagulat ako. Sabi nung isang pastor, ‘You text him : I have forgiven you. I’m willing …’

Pero sabi ko, ‘No, Pastor! Hindi! Ayoko! Hayaan mo na sya
Ayoko syang bumalik. I will NOT take him unless… siguro two years!’ Ganon pa ako no.

[But I recanted and by faith] I said, ‘Okay, come home. Come home. Just come home.’

Sabi nya sa akin, ‘Can I come home?’ 

Sabi ko, ‘You know naman my door is open for you and I’m your wife.’
So parang ‘gentle and quiet spirit.’ Pero gusto kong… alam mo yon [Di ba kasi dapat hindi mo ginawa yon ganito ganyan ganyan ganyan …] Pero hindi e. I practiced talaga na ‘Lord, gentle. and. quiet. spirit.’ Pero parang ang hirap! Dalawa na kami ni God na nagre-wrestle. And right now, so one week… we’re praying . In short, bumalik sya sa akin pero lahat ng clothes nya hindi ko pa naaayos. That’s my praise report. “

“Sis, thank you for this reminder that obedience to God is the key for building a marriage that will honor and glorify God. How He can transform two stubborn individuals to obey him. We all have stories to tell. It is only by the grace of God that I can continue to love my husband to accept the worst in me… I know God isn’t finished with me yet.. I’m still a work-in-progress and I’m learning…. But in everything I will give thanks and praise God in my life 💕” – Joy

All glory, honor, and praise to Jesus Christ. In Him we are More Than Conquerors. He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete that good work to completion until the day of Christ Jesus!

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