You’re Not Required To Produce Godly Children?

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Encouraging moms specially during the season when children are trying to deal with their own issues, Atty. Paulo Ortiz said at the “Torn Between Two Haters” talk that it is important for children’s own healing that they have a good relationship with EACH of their parents. .
Share your burdens with the Lord, biblical counselors, trusted friends who will help you follow God. .
Resist any and all temptation to air out your marital issues with your children. Your doing so will hurt them and multiply the burden they are carrying as they process what they are going through. .
Model respect for their father; the command to submit to your husband (except to sin) is unconditional as unto God, not dependent on your feeling or whether or not husband deserves it… just as the command to honor parents is unconditional. .
Do not be an instrument for your children to stumble and forfeit God’s promised blessing when you cause them to hate or struggle to honor their other parent. .
God is your Defender, Advocate, Judge. Do not impose these roles on your children.
The calling for a mom is CHRISTLIKENESS. God is in charge of the fruit of your parenting. .

The problem with obsessing over producing godly children is parents can very easily model ungodliness as they force godliness out of their work-in-progress children, forfeiting the opportunity for children to actually experience the Christ that the parent is preaching.

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