“Repel, Never Dwell (On The Negative)” -Diana

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“Never think na talo ka. When you are obeying the Lord, whatever you do for your husband kahit na ireject yung ginagawa mo… kay Lord, pinupuri ka Nya kaya winner ka sa eyes Nya. ☺️

‘Repel never dwell (on the negative).’

Dapat clear ang mind when you see your husband later. Irepel mo lang lahat ng negativity ni hubby kung meron man. ‘Wag magdwell sa mga threat nya, because the demons in are the ones making him do that.. 🙏🙏🙏” – Diana


Thank you Sis Diana!!! May the Teflon pan remind everyone not to let insults threats sadness stick; let whatever is negative slide side slide away while only letting what is true noble right pure lovely admirable excellent praiseworthy from the Lord (Phil 4:8) go into your heart.

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