Encouragement to Endure – Malu Ortiz

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“Dear Praying Wives, I pray that God will give you the grace to endure the pain and suffering you are going through.

We can learn from the story of Job and get encouragement. If you missed the service at CCF yesterday,

I highly recommend that you watch the replay. It will answer the question why we go through what we are going through in our marriage.

Instead of focusing on our husband’s sin and shortcomings, let us focus our eyes on Jesus who came to suffer for us.

Remember that ALL have sinned—- that includes us. We cannot keep on blaming our spouse or expose their sin because in God’s eyes, we are also sinners.”

The only way we can have self-control, peace, joy despite trials is by constant prayers and reading God’s Word. May I know how is your quiet time?

-Malu Ortiz

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