Your Enemy Is God’s Gift to You – Ptr. Joby Soriano

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“YOUR ENEMY IS A GIFT FROM GOD TO YOU” Don’t be shocked. Read on. If you believe in the sovereignty of God, you must believe your enemies are sent to you by God’s design and with God’s approval. If Satan could not tempt Job without God’s permission, and if Satan could not sift Peter without Jesus’ permission, your enemies could not torment you without God’s permission. God places in your life every person you need for your spiritual growth. God uses each one to teach you something and to make you more like Jesus.

Our enemies humble us, they keep us on our knees, they reveal our weakness, and they expose our desperate need for God. We need the enemies God sends to us. If we didn’t need them, He wouldn’t send them. Therefore, we thank God who knows best, and we love our enemies the best way we can. God often raises up an enemy to teach us to be like Jesus. He will keep our enemies alive and well as long as we need them. Jesus had enemies. They killed Him. He loved them anyway.

Love you guys! – Joby” – From Facebook Account of “Joby C. Soriano” as shared by Sis Joy

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