Why God Allowed Me To Be Broken – Sis C2

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My takeaway from our Small Group today:

I was guilty of negative gestures towards my husband. I started doing that when I discovered about Ate Gurl. Guilty as charged 😔 I pushed my husband to Ate Gurl. Sometimes I think that if I had joined PWF a long time ago, that would have been prevented because I would know God’s will more clearly.

Yet in God’s sovereignty, I think He is the one who allowed my situation to break me because otherwise if I’m still with my husband I would be focusing on him and I wouldn’t be able to focus on my walk with God. This is my season with God and I am thankful for the grace He has given me. ❤️❤️❤️

Since God allowed this trial to happen, my life today is becoming like that of Paul who even with nothing (in prison with no freedom or earthly blessings), was still able to give thanks and praise to our God. For me in my trial, I am really grateful to God because I really feel how much He has sacrificed to show how much He loves me. That is why I can be so thankful to Him for this trial because otherwise, I would miss out on knowing how much He loves me. 😊❤️

I want to seek to be more like Paul (fixing His eyes on God and being thankful and joyful while in prison, not focusing on what God allowed to be taken away but on what He has already given—- himself. He left a godly legacy for generations until now (instead of being like Adam and Eve disregarding all that God blesses them with but instead fixed their eyes on the one thing He did not allow them. They did not trust God but were self-seeking, discontent, and they chose to disobey. Their legacy is one of curse and ungodliness for generations until now).

I can be forcing my way to get what I don’t have but actually, God has already given me everything I need but I didn’t used to see it. I used to want to have everything—- a perfect family, abundance in life but I didn’t realize that God had already given me so much blessings.

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