Guarding My Words – Sis Rose

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Takeaway from 70×7 Dr. Bruce Wilkinson’s Forgiveness:

There is power in words! Noon ko pa alam pero now I need to be vigilant in choosing what I say. Kasi kahit to share lang na may negativity, I am empowering the enemy who is dedicated in observing and listening into my life to find a foothold to use against me in my walk with Christ.
And negative thoughts when unchecked may fill my heart kaya negative din lumalabas sa bibig. I need to check myself pag negative siya as in hurting words or words that kill wether nadinig ng concerned person or not, I need to acknowledge the sin and confess to God.

Kaya, pag ako ay napapaisip ng hindi maganda sa kapwa ko mahal ko, I should really ask myself why, kasi baka may anger, distrust or belittling, sarcasm, self-righteousness or pride sa puso ko kaya ganun ako magisip ng di maganda sa kapwa ko mahal ko.

In wanting to be the person God wants me to be and to be the best helpmate to my husband I have to be aligned with God in His intentions, plan and will. Husband needs a loyal supporter by his side and to qualify in that position dapat good intentions ko for him, therefore my thoughts and prayers are for his good.

-Sis Rose

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