The Chosen: Healing of Paralytic Costume Party Bible Study

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The Chosen Costumer PartyAm I the paralytic who feels helpless and no longer knows what to pray?

Am I the crowd that’s just curious?

Am I the house owner who cries, “Thats my roof,” already upset about the cost;

…the Pharisee who is stuck in what I’ve been taught that I miss out on Jesus who is revealing Himself in front of me;

…am I the four friends who am able and willing to inconvenience myself to help someone get not just their surface need met but their most important need solved— the need for eternal life beyond the tip of the iceberg trials;

…am I the “some” who heard who Jesus is but am busy or indifferent?

Maybe each at one time or another.

The Healing of the Paralytic encourages us in each season to keep pressing on towards Jesus. We can’t help all people but He can. He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. But rather than limit ourselves to the gift He can give, it is best to lean in to the Giver Himself.

AVP for this Bible Study

ppt Compressed The Chosen Healing of Paralytic
The Chosen is not a replacement for Scripture but its intention is to support Scripture. (Like for ex., in Scripture the Pharisee thinks something but in the movie he verbalises his thought for us to understand what’s going on).
The filmmaking is terrific. Behind Simon Peter in the rooftop is smoke from someone’s faraway chimney. #details .

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