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You Are A Chosen Royal Minister – Malu Ortiz

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The object of our rejoicing is our salvation, our identity in Christ, knowing God loves us, we have hope in Jesus and that we are:

  1. CHOSEN PEOPLE- We are hand-picked by God.
  2. ROYAL PRIESTHOOD- As children of The King, we are adopted and set apart to do His work, first to be reconciled to Him and be ministers of reconciliation of others to Him.
  3. HOLY NATION- We are part of God’s family, set apart to abide in Him and be made blameless through the finished work of Jesus Christ.
  4. GOD’s SPECIAL POSSESSION- We belong to Him and are the apple of His eye.
  5. CALLED OUT OF DARKNESS- We have been forgiven of our sins through Jesus Christ and freed from the dominion/ power/ and stronghold of darkness.
  6. LED TO HIS WONDERFUL LIGHT- We have seen the TRUTH (Jesus)
    and we are called to shine His light.❤️🙏😊

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