Ten Years After with Tyrone and Elaine Ongpauco

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Do you sometimes yearn to give up on your marriage? This mini Cry-a-novela is for you. Ten years ago, Tyrone and Elaine Ongpauco’s marriage was dying. Like mentors before them and mentees after them, they have experienced healing in brokenness and joy amidst challenges. They have since become counselors for couples who go through the same challenges they underwent. In this mini-series, Tye and Elaine answer the common questions they have received over the years from struggling husbands and wive. Please join us at 3pm on Tuesday, March 1 on Facebook or YouTube: Praying Wife Forum for the premiere of “TEN YEARS AFTER.”

You may participate LIVE in our Reaction Video on these installments:

Part 1: Dead Marriage Resurrected

Part 2: The Other Person

Part 3: Journey to Joy

We invite you to watch the Preview Clips on our Facebook and YouTube pages and on our website, http://www.prayingwifeforum.com.

Some of Tye and Elaine’s story are featured in Praying Wife Forum’s Facebook video library:

(1) From Ruins to Restoration;

(2) In the Beginning Again;

(3) What to Expect When the Prodigal Husband Returns

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