copy of copy of praying wife forumWell, Hello Beautiful!
Bakit ngayon ka lang dumating?
It’s great to see you here!
Here, you will find material intended to encourage, equip, and edify each wife to be

W-ord I-nspired, F-aith E-ncouraged
… standing firm on her identity as beloved Bride of Christ so she can be the best version of herself as wife of man.
Marriage is not like a snapshot but more of a movie.
You’re not yet on Chapter 42 where the sure ending is your victory in Christ.
Meanwhile, it’s time to go through Jesus’s beauty spa, dress rehearsal, and finishing school!
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*Hope through Jesus Christ

*Prayerful wives giving room for God’s power to transform us and our marriages

*Biblical perspective on marriage



*Acronym of W.I.F.E. credit to Roni Gutierrez


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