7 Guided Prayers for Your Husband

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  1. Purpose
    Lord, help my husband to know you, to know that he is loved by you, and to make you known.

Help him to embrace your plan for his life, for his gifts and talents, and to understand that he is here on earth not for himself but to love, serve, obey, worship, and glorify you, and to encourage others to do the same, starting with his family.

2. Perspective
Lord, please help my husband see problems from a spiritual perspective, with faith and trust in who you are, that you are sovereign and in control, and will work things out for his good and our family’s good as he honors you.

Help him to see blessings from the vantage point of a steward who is accountable to you.

3. Pursuits
May my husband use his time wisely, prioritizing what’s most important (how relationship with you, with me and the kids, followed by work/ministry, and others). Help him to avoid getting caught up in activities, habits, or ventures that aren’t aligned with your purposes.

May he grow in wisdom, stature, favor with you and man. May he be intentional about growing spiritually and helping others to do the same.

4. Principles
May my husband obey your Word and develop biblical convictions about:
– his role as a husband / father
– what he watches, listens to, and accesses online
– character and attitudes such as integrity, righteousness, and being Spirit-filled
– work and business ethics
– choosing friends

5. Protection
Please protect my husband from sicknesses and diseases, from the lies of the evil one, from evil people, sexual immorality and adultery, and from making unwise choices.

6. Provision
Please bless the work of his hands, and multiply his efforts as he provides for the family. Please allow him to experience the fruit of his labor, and please give him supernatural capacity and wisdom to do what you have called him to.

7. Perseverance
Please help my husband’s heart to be whole-heartedly devoted to you all the days of his life. Please do not allow him to fall away from you or to lose heart in doing what pleases you. Please help him to finish well and finish strong, and hear you say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Contributed By Olive Pagulayan, Praying Wife Forum

This was sourced from the YouVersion Bible App where you can get many other devotions specific to your season of need.

4 Replies to “7 Guided Prayers for Your Husband”

  1. Praying for my partner.🙏🏻 Please help me in my prayers that may he emulate all of these.

  2. Praying for my husband that he will be enlightened and choose always the common good of his family and to listen to words of the Lord.

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