Day By Day Dependence on God – Liza S.

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“As we come to the year’s end, I ask, dear Lord, for these days as a time to pray, to look back and to reflect, to take stock of Your blessings, Your loving providential presence this past year. As I look back, may I see that

You truly are OMNIPOTENT- You make all things work together for good.

You are OMNISCIENT- Your thoughts are higher than our thoughts on how our daily challenges are resolved therefore we should trust in Your word.

You are OMNIPRESENT- You are a loving Father, You are can concerned with what concerns Your children. I pray, Lord, for the grace that in remembering I “may see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly” in the coming New Year. Amen.”

Loneliness gripped me when I woke up. December 28, 2019 is my 40th wedding Anniversary and I am alone. My husband is on his annual out of town trip with his mistress and her family. Therefore, I focused on God’s goodness and faithfulness to ease my broken heart. And so my message of Day by Day Dependence on the Grace of God on PWF. Truly the Lord is good!

My dear sisters who are battling the work of the enemy of our souls just like me, let us open our eyes and choose to see the ongoing work of the Lord in our husbands’ and our lives. The enemy is on panic mode. Gagawin niya lahat para masira nang tuluyan our relationships. But we should continue to stand our ground, be still, let God fight our battles as we remember that He is on our side for we are the covenant wife that God created us to be.

The enemy will bring out every weapon and use our husbands and others to try and entice us to forget once again that we are already victorious by luring us to be angry, vengeful, unforgiving, question God’s presence and wisdom, be fearful and jealous.

Let’s stand our ground. The battle is the Lord’s. JEHOVAH NISSI! He reigns in victory!

-Liza S.

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