“When God Breaks You, Cooperate” – Sis CD

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“During the time of brokenness in my marriage, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Understanding that Jesus died for my sins made me realise I am a sinner, too.

When I joined a Discipleship Group and the ladies would discuss about submission, it made me see that I failed to be a submissive wife.

After attending my DGroup, I would attend GLC [CCF Global Leadership Center] classes.

I started as a novice in my relationship with God but gradually gained more knowledge about Him. Slowly, I learned how to focus not on the offenses against me but on God Himself, as well as to pray, care, and share with those I love.

Seeing people I care about come to know and grow in the Lord gave me joy. My best friend and her husband—- they accepted Jesus and are now growing in the knowledge of Him through attending Sunday worship. Those joys helped take my mind off my suffering marriage.

At work, I was surprised that I was surrounded with Christian friends and Bible study. I came across the book of Malu Ortiz, Ang Diary ng Legal Wife. The testimonies in that book gave me a new perspective on marriage. I saw that I was not alone in my situation and kahit gaano kasakit yung ginawa ni husband, I should fight for our marriage. After I read the book, I also lent it to my friend who ended up inviting me to attend the Praying Wife Forum event, My Husband’s Mistress Is Me.

Despite my growing spiritually, there were times when the battle was so strong —- nakikita ko ang mga ginagawa against me. There were times I was triggered and nakikipag-away ako thru Messenger and Instagram kay Ate Girl.

I consulted a lawyer about annulment, wanting to manipulate God’s will by planning my own strategy. Fighting it out based on legality was very attractive but my fellow Dgroup members kept praying for our hearts to be made right with God and that our marriage be restored.

Not long after, I watched the movie, War Room. That movie showed me the value of family, the vitality of faith, and how prayer is The best weapon. God spoke to me through that movie and it softened my heart.

God further talked to me during my quiet time, reminding me that no matter what I encounter, I should respond biblically. Sinurrender ko lahat kay God. My Dgroup really helped a lot.

I allowed my husband to visit our young son. That was the time when my husband realised how important family is but he was still confused and torn. He couldn’t decide what to choose. After two weeks, he requested to return home.

That was the hardest part because I saw face-to-face the person who hurt me the most in every way. I was ambivalent but then God really talked to me during my quiet time that day. He gave me Isaiah 60:22 “When. The. Time. Is. Right. I. The. Lord. Will. Make. It. Happen.” And “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace .” (Exodus 14:14)

From the CCF Sunday service, I remembered the message, “When God breaks you, cooperate.”

I chose to obey God.

As of now, my husband has accepted Jesus Christ and started joining Dgroup. We also attend CCF service every Sunday. I keep praying that we would both focus on God and that our relationship will improve. As a wife, I am seeking to consistently and sincerely submit na talaga.

Thank you to Praying Wife Forum for the encouragement and reminders that God is faithful.

Please pray for us to strength our marriage.” – Sis CD

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