Di Ko Matiis. I Want To Know Everything.

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Dear sisters struggling with the compulsion to “check,” the fall of man happened when Eve got entangled with what was luring her eyes.

The more you see and know of what is going on (offenses against you), the harder it will be for you to obey God. God will not make you account for your offenders’ sins. God will only make you account for your own walk. Do not make it 100x harder for you to obey Him:

“Love in action the one who hurt you. Bless, pray for, serve, be kind to betrayers.” You will account for your disobedience to these.

It’s hard enough to obey when you don’t have the solid evidence yet.

Spare yourself. It’s easier to deal with faint suspicions than something you see with your own eyes that leave visual imprints in your mind even when your eyes are closed even when you are in any place on earth.

Recognize the fingerprints of the devil putting in your path super-tempting lures. DO NOT WALK INTO THE TRAPS.

It may be well- intending loved ones delivering Satan’s baits. DO NOT FALL FOR THESE! As Jesus told Peter, “Get thee behind me Satan!”

Let God deal with the disobedient.
He is able. It’s His will more than yours to express Himself to the disobedient.

Focus on Jesus and on being the person/ wife/ mom God wants you to be. Seek His help to be Consistently Christlike —- That’s your accountability anyway.

You can be thankful to offenders for being Gods chosen instruments to make you the best version of yourself- Christlike.

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