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Wounded Healers, God’s Comforters – Malu Ortiz

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“Dear Praying Wife, in the midst of suffering, God comes to us to strengthen us and give us courage and boldness.

Afflictions are inevitable, inflicted by the enemy to weaken us, restrict us, and confine our ministry but we have a God who can sustain us so we, in turn, can be a channel of hope to other hurting wives as we find hope in Him.

It is my prayer that every Praying Wife will overcome the trials we are facing and come out victoriously this 2020 so that we all can also be comforters. After we receive divine strengthening, let us all be an instrument to strengthen others through our testimony.

God’s ultimate purpose for our suffering is to draw us to Him, to trust and obey Him regardless if our husband responds positively or not. As we heal from the wounds inflicted on us, may we all become “wounded healers.”

May you have a blessed and victorious 2020, beautiful praying wives! 🙏😊❤️🍾🍷”

– Malu Ortiz

2 Replies to “Wounded Healers, God’s Comforters – Malu Ortiz”

  1. Hi PWF. Viber# ko po ay 09084629756, fr valenzuela po ako pero ung work ko po sa qc lang.

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