Comfort in God’s Promises – Sis Mona

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We pray for our husbands but it’s God’s job to change them. Just concentrate on your own walk with God and never stop praying.

Until now, I keep praying to God even if it looks so impossible right now na magbago asawa ko. Ako muna binago ni Lord.

Today I read in 1Samuel 12:14-16 “But if you do not obey God and rebel against His commands, his hands will be against you. Now then, stand still and see this great thing that the Lord is about to do before your eyes.”

This promise of God for those who trust in Him and obey Him gives me much hope and comfort.

In His perfect time and will, He will restore what was broken. I am excited for my own miracle and answered prayer. Excited for all of you too . Someday, our pain will be our greatest testimony. Keep the faith. Praying for all hurting wives. We can choose to be joyful in the Lord as we wait for our miracles.

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