Before You Hold That Pity Party

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Q: My husband is leaving today. He was here for two weeks but we are like boarders in a boarding house. Nakaka lungkot. The kids and I are leaving for Baguio after he leaves kasi sobrang sobrang sobrang lungkot nararamdaman ko sa kalagayan namin. Most of all, What a pitiful wife I am.


Dear Sis, if we were to apply Phil 4:8 to your situation, maybe we can rejoice in the freedom from stress/ unpredictability/ oppressive actions/ and other negative feelings you had for the past two weeks;

  • you have the full say on where you and your kids can have positive time together and build new memories without the stress
  • you have the option to go to Baguio whereas others have no budget, time, time off, or children to go with
  • you have budget to enjoy and eat, have nice weather
  • you are alive
  • you and kids are unhurt physically
  • your husband chose to be home during his two week break when other husbands might have chosen to go elsewhere with other persons
  • you have God the Father whereas others don’t
  • you have Jesus who gives you eternal life whereas others don’t
  • you have the Holy Spirit as your life tour guide guiding helping empowering and enabling you to choose to abide in God and follow His will … ebb to give thanks in all circumstances for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus as He matures completes and refines you like silver
  • when you obey Him, all things (even this undesired circumstance) work For Your Good (romans 8:28). This is for those who love (in bible dialect means “obey”). For those who don’t obey God, things work for their downfall, not good.
  • we live in a country and time period where we have the freedom to read Gods word to be encouraged
  • your husband is alive and Jesus, The Resurrection and Living Hope is alive so as you align yourself with Gods will, you have the opportunity to see Gods power made perfect in your weakness and to see Him work divine results when you surrender everything to Him
  • there is no typhoon right now
  • dami pa sis
    Praying you will see your situation from Gods perspective and you will Snap Out of the enemy-schemed Pity party once and for all In Jesus’s name

Meanwhile, crying with you as I know it is painful. Praying the Lord hasten in turning your mourning into dancing ( Psalm 30:11)

Praying this for you:

“Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭126:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

H : I can feel your hurt, Sis. Have strength through your prayer to God. Cry it out all to God. We are here to pray for you. May you see God’s light in all this brokenness you are having right now. Believe that this is from God in making you focus on Him as your husband and father of your children. It is hard because He is a spirit but once you have your breakthrough with Him wala nang mas hihigit pa at wala ka nang hahanapin pa sa labis labis na pagmamahal galing sa Diyos. Keep on trusting and obeying. God is with you.

Dear Sis, I feel your pain and hurt. Lam mo everyday, pinagpepray ko lahat ng mga wives dito sa group natin na nakakaexperience ng pain and sufferings. Na talagang dumating ang time na matagpuan ng mga husbands ang identity nila kay Jesus.

But all the more tayo. Tayo muna. Na yung joy, happiness, at identity natin only kay Jesus lang. Na matanggal ang sin of idolatry. Na maging happy tayong lahat kahit pa, pano tayo itreat ng mga husbands natin.

Focus tayo sa walk natin kay God. Hindi sa walk ng mga husband natin. Forgive 70×7. Nahurt tayo today, forgive agad. Isumbong lahat kay God and let him avenge for us.

Pakinggan natin ung Blessings, Laury Story. Life changing sya.

-What if trials in this life, are your mercies in disguise


Blessed Morning Sis, I know how you feel right now but focus on the blessings at least he stayed even just for two weeks. My children went to my inlaws on Christmas eve until christmas day hoping they could spend some time with their Papa but sadly he didn’t show up. I know my children are a bit disappointed but life must go on whether he is with us or without us. I just continue to pray that eventually he will realize all his wrongdoings. I keep asking kay Lord don’t let the enemy win over my husband because he is lost right now. I always find blessings in every suffering. Sis, there are so many blessings our Lord is giving us everyday, nag-iisa lang yung husband natin na wala sa atin but there are still a lot of blessings to be thankful of. The enemy is always making ways para mawala yung focus natin specially regarding about our marriage, our family, and our journey to be with our Savior. Satan hates this so much kaya kung anu-ano ginagawa nya para mawala tayo kay God. Keep praying Sis, we are so blessed because our Lord created this group para maging shock absorber natin while we are hurting. Always count our blessings not our sufferings. Take it one day at a time. God Bless ❤️❤️❤️

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