Q: Husband removes my arms when I touch him. I’m so pained.

Dear Sis,. So sorry about the hurtful things in the last 24 hours. Humanly speaking this is really painful but the Lord is lifting you out of the enslavement to a person’s arbitrary choices (training instrument for His refining-like-silver module is husband for this case).

God has the best advice and we can continue to look and share what His Word says that can help.

Bruce Wilkinson said in “70×7” conference something like, “When the person does not chase the answer, it’s too soon to give it.”

I’m guessing it means when the person is not ready to follow biblical advice, you have to wait until after they have exhausted human efforts and are totally drained and ready to fully surrender to the Lord before you present it. Otherwise it goes on deaf ears… or something like this; hamster-on-the-wheel exercise.

No judgment here but only compassion love and understanding.

You asked the same question weeks back and this answer post was dedicated to you. Not that this is the perfect complete or best answer but perhaps with the Holy Spirit, it can help to shield you from the recurrent pain.

Anytime you are ready to set your heart to no longer be just a hearer of the word but be a doer of the word, this snippet of a biblical approach is still here:

When Husband Refuses Intimacy

Love you with the love of the Lord and I know it really hurts. But the Lord who loves you wants to heal and help you.

Sending you a biggggggg hugggggg with prayers that the Lord give you a major breakthrough in this regard.

Malu Ortiz:

One of the most effective ways for me to overcome the pain in my marriage is, after exhaling all my hurts to friends and counselors, I stopped talking about my husband. I realized that the more I prayed, the less I thought of my husband. The less I thought of him, the less I talked about him.

As I constantly prayed to God, I found myself thinking more of Jesus and less of my husband. I realized that talking about my hurt is like making kutkot my wound. I had to set a limit and snap out of it.

By the grace of God, I’ve learned to move on but my heart is still open for reconciliation.

Dear Praying Wife, the pain you are feeling right now is not forever. It will also fade. But keep praying and trusting God. Take your eyes off your husband and focus on Jesus. Good morning!😀❤️🙏

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