Dear Lord Jesus please replace our sister’s panic with Your peace that transcends all understanding. Pls enable her to hold every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. Please remind her that You did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind in Jesus’sname and for His glory amen!

Dearest Sis it’s a privilege to pray with and for you. But at PWF, we would like to love you by equipping you with skills to overcome trials and disasters when they come, for example, when you don’t have wifi or when it’s at dawn when no one is avaialble to reply.

Here is a sample checklist to start when the same trials recur and we learn progressively to deal with them until pakonti nang pakonti nang pakonti ang recurrence or fewer and far between.

When I experience recurrence of my trial:

1. Have I received Jesus Christ? It is His Holy Spirit who will give me wisdom to understand His word. Victory is not by (self) might not (self) power but by the Spirit of God.

If you haven’t received Jesus Christ, please make appointment with a core servant to discuss.

  1. How is my quiet time with the Lord downloading beforehand His word before trials come?

If I’m not spending time with His word, this is usually the root cause of being powerless and feeling helpless alone and fearful.

  1. What are my go- to verses for my recurring trial?

Post them where you will see them – on your gadget screensaver, on your mirror, in your wallet, in your drawer, inside your cabinet door, places you normally encounter during your day.

If you don’t have any go-to verse, google: “verse for _” fill in the blank with your particular trial. In your case “panic attack.”

Be serious with those verses. They only work when you read, reread, meditate on, apply, say them to yourself as frequently as needed. You can google for example “david guzik commentary on __” fill in the blank with the verse.”

Own it.

  1. Browse thru because if you’ve posted the question before, it may have been published before as well. There is a search field at the bottom “search for __” fill in the blank with your trial.
  2. Pray. Learn about prayer. Maybe @Ann one day or a core servant can share about “how to pray.”

These are some of the things we can practice that will strengthen and grow us in our walk.

Of course you can also ask for prayer support anytime but first let’s apply what we are learning so we do not transfer our dependence from husband to other humans like the pwf. If we don’t intentionally exercise our spiritual muscles, it might be like being 5 years old and still depending on a toddler’s walker to walk around.

We want our goal to be / experience being the Bride of Christ (before the wife of man). And keep growing growing up.

Please feel free to ask for prayers after at least trying some or all of the above steps. Much love!!

He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it in Jesus’s name amen!

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