Mamma Mia: PWF Online Mother’s Day Encouragement Bible Study for the Unequally Yoked Wife

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AVP For Mother’s Day Encouragement “Mamma Mia” Bible Study: [Please pardon the font glitches. “God” sometime gets changed to “god” when the PowerPoint presentation is compressed to be uploaded on the site; Joel 2:25a says, “God will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.”]

compressed Mamma Mia ppt


JO: My take away

Being a mom is really tough specially in today’s generation. Modeling is so important because our children are learning and listening in their eyes. I am guilty of not guiding my daughter thru good modeling but I am grateful and hopeful that God will help me in raising my daughter. It was an eye opener for me that my goal is not to raise a godly daughter but to be a godly mother/parent for her. My prayer is to help my daughter know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him. I’ve learned that at an early age we should start planting the seed by sharing who Jesus is thru the Word of God.

JE: There is no such thing as perfect mother but behind every mother is a perfect God who molds us to become a good steward to our children.

AN: Through faith in God and by honoring His Word, godly mothers have great influence as they train their children.

I cannot impart what I do not possess. If my kids seldom see me seeking God through His Word, they won’t catch it for themselves. If they don’t see me changing through my growing understanding and obedience to the Word, they won’t be motivated to be in the Word for themselves. If the gadgets is on every night, but the Bible is seldom read as a family, the kids will assume what is more important. My kids should be able to see evidence of my love for God’s Word.

I may have failed as a mother, but started in turning to God and confess my failures and begin to obey Him. I realized I need to talk to them and ask their forgiveness for failing to be an example of godliness or for failing to train them in God’s ways. And then will use His Word to lead my children to the same sincere faith and to train them in God’s ways. By God’s grace, I pray I will be mighty in influencing my children for Jesus’ sake.

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