Finding Joy After 35 Years – Sis R

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handling triggers and provocationsYesterday was our 31st wedding anniversary. 35 years since I accepted husband into my heart. After several years, now lang naging meaningful ang araw na ito sa akin ulit.

Yesterday, there was no special preparation to mark the day, no special desserts, no chocolates that he used to give me. Nagluto siya ng favorite food niya pero alam ko para sa aming mag-iina ang pinagluluto niya. No special time alone, too. As if it was just an ordinary day.

The only thing that made that day special was my attitude to be happy about our 31 years together AND our kiss that morning.

Para sa hindi nakadinig ng kwento ko kahapon: After my morning prayer and when I saw husband na in the garage, I went to him to greet him and kissed him 😚. Then he also greeted me and kissed me 😚. We looked at each other in the eye 🤗 and we kissed 😘 again. It has been more than 8years since umiwas siya sa paghalik sa akin. There were some kisses in the past 8years but with lots of awkwardness and tension and confusion. But yesterday was great! 😘

Kagabi bago matulog, I assessed the day and checked my heart. It was an ordinary day on our anniversary. For years I have been crying why was this day no longer special to him, so I was wondering how my heart truly is. Then I came to a conclusion:
“A celebration would be nice but the absence of it will not lessen the essence of this days nor its meaning. It has been 31years since I became my husband’s wife  and nobody can ever claim to be that except me. So today is a good special day because God has blessed today for me to rejoice under His loving care. This is God’s anniversary gift to me.”

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