Winning Your Husband to the Lord (event)

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When Ptr. Danny and Dawn received the miracle of a [physical] marriage restoration, only she was following the Lord while he was as rebellious against the Lord as could be. Today, he is undoubtedly the spiritual leader in their marriage and family. They have led hundreds of other couples on this same path of marriage restoration.

What lessons can a wife learn about how she can win her husband to the Lord and His ways?

How can a wife edify her husband towards spiritual leadership?

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    1. Hi Joy! May you pls send a note for Sis Dawn thru her Facebook Messenger or you may send a note for her thru the FB Page of Praying Wife Forum. Please include your viber number so she can reach you there. Thank you. If you have any questions you want to ask here, we can try to help you find answers too.

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