Leah, Not Picked By Man But Chosen By God

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Praise God for the Lord going before us today despite the howling winds yesterday. Lord thank U for enabling us to study Your Word. Thank You for Your ministry to help wives grow in the knowledge of You . May you cause all of us today who heard Your words to apply what we learned and experience heaven on earth thru our freedom, joy, strength, love, victory, redemption, and true life in Christ. Thank You for Your example of Leah who did not abandon her post despite the difficult circumstances she went thru. As Brenda shared—- despite the lack in her life, despite her ordinariness, hindi kagandahan… You used her because she obeyed and stayed the course. The advantageous circumstances in Rachel’s life might have made her feel entitled. The imperfections in Leah’s life might have made her willing to endure. Thank You for the appointed imperfect circumstances in our lives which draw us closer to You and show us our need for You.

At the end of his life, Jacob had a choice to be buried with Leah or his favoured wife, Rachel, but he chose to be buried with Leah… even if the most influential among his sons who would most likely have the means to execute his desire, was his son thru Rachel (Joseph), Jacob belonged with Leah among the Patriarchs. Despite humiliation, rejection, strife, etc, Leah endured and remained humble and You exalted her in due time to have the godly legacy of being the ancestor of Your people’s Priestly Tribe, Royal Tribe (with among others King David), and thru the bloodline of this rejected ignored woman came The Messiah Himself.

Pls help us see our passing trials in any area of our life as Your means to accomplish Your unique purposes for us. Help us to run the race You have chosen for us and finish well in Your name and for Your glory amen

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