Notes on Self-Forgiveness from Dr. Bruce Wilkinson’s Brace for Impact Conference, Manila

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🔑Do you have a past mistake, failure, or sin that still makes you squirm? Have you failed people important to you (including yourself)? Have you confessed them yet feel tormented?

🔍Why You Need To Forgive Yourself:

📍Unforgiveness of self leads to a downward slope of the ff negative habits:

a. unforgiveness (with its toxic results) becomes a habit

b. build walls around your heart to keep from being hurt but it also muffles your emotions/ affections and leads you to have a hard insensitive heart.

c. mistrust for others, their actions, and motives

d. develop insecurity, poor self-image

e. become defensive, blame others, and indulge in self-pity

f. struggle with sin and anxiety as you seek comfort

g. isolation .


📍You might end up being always hot-tempered (symptom of self-hatred) because you unknowingly escalated these feelings towards yourself: unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, slander, resentment, hatred, vengeance.


1. Remember, if God forgives you for your sin after you confess them, so must you. Do not reject God’s forgiveness.

2. Ask God to remind you while you list the wounds you caused others and yourself. Open your heart to forgive yourself. Extend compassion to yourself. Release yourself free from the prison you put yourself in. Forgive yourself for each sin, mistake, or wound. If applicable, apologise and make restoration to those who need it.

3. Confess your sin of unforgiveness of self so that the torment will stop. .


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