Vengeance Is Righteous Only If It Is From God, Not Me

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Notes: Vengeance

💡God views as righteous inflicting vengeance on those (unrighteously) troubling you 😱 (if you have committed your life to Him and are walking obediently)2Thess1:6

💡God promises to take vengeance on those who are His enemies. Deut 32:39-41. .

💡Desiring vengeance or justice is godly😱 [It happens in heaven where there is no sin Rev 6:-10]

💡God promises to be your Avenger😱 Rom 12:17-21

💡What is unrighteous is when we take vengeance into our own hands. Rom 12:19-21

💡Exacting (our limited) vengeance will cancel the Lord’s contract to take (almighty)vengeance on our behalf.

💡When you rejoice upon seeing your enemy fall, the Lord will stop His wrath on that person. Prov 24:17-18 (and discipline you instead for your disobedience)

💡What to do with your desire for vengeance: *Pour your heart out to God and ask Him to make things right.

*Meditate on God’s Word re His vengeance and justice *Trust and wait upon Him.

*Entrust your oppressors to Him.

Since you know that God will repay/ avenge you (to a degree that is At Least commensurate to the offense), you are free to overcome evil with good by doing good to your “enemies.” You will see that oppressor no longer as an enemy. Eph 6:12

*Read Psalm 37, Romans 12:17-21 then meditate on these 5 important words: Leave. Room. For. God’s. Wrath.

💡Practical Benefits of Trusting God’s Vengeance:

*You are released from the torment (physical mental emotional spiritual financial) that comes w unforgiveness. *Unforgiveness will stop hindering all your prayers (Psalm 66:18; Isa 59:2; John 9:31; Prov 28:9; Zech 7:11-13; Isa 1:15)

*The weight of aging and hardness is lifted from your face (dagdag ko lang ‘to)

*Prayer: Lord I know You will make things right because an integral part of Your holiness is being just. I claim Your promise that vengeance is Yours; You will repay. I entrust to You [Opressors] for [Offenses]. I commit to not taking vengeance into my own hands but I will leave room for Your wrath and let You do what You alone do best. Please remove the pain, anger, resentment, hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, slander, and vengeance in my heart and replace it with Your peace in Jesus’s name #avenger #braceforimpact

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