7 Best Blessings from Brokenness -Malu Ortiz

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God’s message yesterday through Ptr. Peter confirms that the suffering we go through is part of the process of being Christlike.

Instead of focusing on your husband’s sin, ask God to open your eyes to see your own sins and repent. Instead of being angry at the other woman, pray for her because she is lost too and needs a Savior.

Being broken is the best thing that happened to me… it

1. Led me to Jesus

2. Humbled me,

3. Opened my eyes to see my own sinfulness

4. Taught me to rely on God for my happiness

5. Allowed me to witness the Lord’s provision in amazing ways

6. Released me from the sin of idolatry

7. Made me realize that the true meaning of life is not about my husband and children but having a relationship with Jesus… that I was created by God and for God.❤️🙏

If you are hurting in your marriage right now, God is using your circumstances to draw you closer to Him. Instead of fretting, thank Him for allowing you to experience pain because pain is necessary to mold us.

Malu Ortiz, PWF Core Servant

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