Should I Enlighten My In-Laws?

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Q: My in-laws attacking me. Husband defended me. Both sides ended up using hurtful words. My husband said not to respond anymore. But I wanted to because I want to enlighten them that he didn’t mean it. He’s just mad and both sides were just mad. I want to do this despite the hurtful words that were thrown at me. Is it worth it?


Hi Sis, when there is exchange of hurtful words, it is not the Holy Spirit of Jesus reigning over the situation. It is the demons reigning.

You will not win over demons. You need Gods almighty power for victory.

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Q: So the best approach is not to respond and just pray? 🙁

Sis A: God is your Defender. You can speak the truth in love with utmost respect and honor but if their hearts and minds are clouded, the heated exchange can get aggravated.

What will come out of your mouth and their mouths if you haven’t exhausted casting all your burdens to God? If you have thoroughly casted everything to God and surrendered to Him, be prepared to respond in a godly manner to what your in-laws will answer. If you are unable to respond in a godly manner, there is a possibility that the wedge of division could take a whole lot more effort or time to heal.

“To the one who understands, no explanation is needed.
To the one who doesn’t understand,
No explanation will do.”

May you consider living out love by action in Jesus’s name and for His glory amen

Praying psalm 32:8 and 121 for you in Jesus’s name amen

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