Deeper Relationship with Heavenly Father- Joyce

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“When I used to hear negative words from my husband, I would hate him a lot. Now, I realize all these have been a blessing to me and I thank him already because I am now experiencing heaven here on earth. These have made a way for me to have a deeper relationship with my Heavenly Father. I used to think that I was breaking into pieces but now I realise my life is falling into its proper place. Praise God!

Some of the warfare I’ve been encountering are finding lipstick, PH Care tissues, medicines in the car that are not mine; waking up to phone murmuring in the middle of the night, and many more.

Last Sunday, it was so painful and burdensome. I couldn’t stand it, I had to go to the bathroom and stayed there for ten minutes. I wanted to asleep there because the situation in our room was too much to bear.

I whispered a prayer, ‘Lord help me, strengthen me, and give me rest.’ After that, I felt strong enough to go back to the room and face my fear. Then, I got my headset and played praise and worship songs. I didn’t realise until morning that I had fallen into a deep, restful sleep.

There are other worse situations I face that sometimes seem intentional but I redirect my thoughts to ‘I have a Big God who is bigger than my disappointments.’

I’m a woman of faith and those things done to hurt me will not break me. No matter how I’m provoked, God will keep my faith steady. How He works on me is too amazing.

I am truly blest because by His grace He gives me the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control).

Being only human, I still get hurt but no matter what things are done to provoke me, I have my Big God who is making me a woman of faith and the hurts wont break me.

I want to testify that I have witnessed how great our God is

I am not ashamed to share this because I know this has come from our faithful God. I am giving back all praises and glory to His Name.👆👆

You can share my name and even my picture, you can share it haha..

Joyce mateo

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