As we all prepare welcoming this brand new year..I just wanted to tell everyone in Praying Wife Forum (some I already met personally and a lot I would love to meet very soon) that you are an answered prayer in my life…

God has redirected me to the right group of people that has nothing but pure love, compassion, and understanding for each member in this group, I praise God that through this group, I was able to hear the deepest and most powerful prayers a wife could ever have, for tirelessly encouraging us using God’s word, for all the affirmation and reminders, for sharing your lives and hearts that bless each one of us, for rebuking us with love whenever we are weakened by pain, worries, and doubts.

We may not know each other personally yet but we are bound closer together by the ultimate Lover of Our Soul, Jesus Christ. Thank you sisters in Christ, my fellow beautiful wives.

May our 2020 be a year of more answered prayers, amazing breakthroughs, and an ever growing relationship with our Almighty Savior ❤❤❤

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