Praising God for the takeaway learnings of sisters in Vancouver, Canada for this session:

*From the sharing, God’s Word inspires me to better serve my “master.” What caught my attention most is when Esther spent three days to fast and pray and even asked the people to fast and pray with her before she approached the king. She approached him with great respect. She recognized her position as his wife. The term “death day” perfectly describes submission… a very perfect reminder to die to self and submit to husband as unto God.

*I was discouraged since December and I’ve been crying every night (during prayer) because of fear, frustration, and stress about some difficult circumstances that have developed. The message about God appointing us to be in certain situations (season of myrhh and being in the valley) somehow lightened my burden that I have to instead focus on how God wants me to react while I am in this situation and not on why we are still in this season.

*At some point in this life, women/wives struggle to submit willingly. I, for one, am not an exception. Being independent at an early age, I was used to making my own decisions, and doing things my way. That’s why it was (and still is) never easy to submit. The talk reminded me (once again), that submission is choosing to honor God’s word over our feelings, (even though we feel and know we are right, hehe). That submission is an act of obedience and willful worship to God over self; and that this glorifies God. Thus, it is something we can all strive for.

*I learned a lot, but my top ones are: I still should be submissive to my husband even if he is a nonbeliever; I learned that even just through my unsubmissive thoughts, I am destroying our cover from God, and destroying my husband. On the flip side, it is also difficult if the husband is the one who is submissive (as shared by one of the ladies that she also feels tired). It is really for our own benefit to follow the blueprint that is already laid out in front of us, to be a submissive wife. Thank you ladies for such a momentous learning session!

*Changeables vs unchangeables: This reminds me about the serenity prayer: Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

*I knew about the umbrella of protection but I didn’t realise that I could destroy that protection by not submitting to my husband and despising him (in my thoughts). Thank you so much for arranging that discussion, I came home less fearful and frustrated.

*I have many takeaways.. The umbrella illustration was impactful for me; how I am covered by the Lord when I submit to my hubby & how I am not when I don’t… realizing I would rather submit and be protected. The season of myrrh as purification from our pride, self-entitlement, etc.; Laying down what we want and choosing God’s way… God’s purpose ever after.

*I gathered many nuggets of truth and wisdom last night. What particularly stood out for me was what one of the ladies said about how it is so easy to submit when everything has already been laid out for you and you just follow it. I hope I can find it easier to submit to my husband when I think of it that way.

*I’m very encouraged by the talk last night. It reminded me of why submission to authority and to my husband is pleasing to our Lord. I have learned submission the hard way, and by God’s grace it is made possible. Thanking our Lord that He sees our suffering and that He uses this season for the good of those who love Him. What a great God we serve. What a great God we have. All glory to His name.

*It was also a very lively discussion last night. Thankful for the exchange. The speaker was patient in answering questions and I learned not just from the knowledge imparted, but from her demeanor. It was live witnessing for our Lord. Thanks for this talk. I really appreciate it.

*Submissive in thoughts / heart is my greatest struggle. This would often translate into a disconnection between my words and action. Also, seeing how my words and/ or actions can slowly destroy my husband via the umbrella demonstration really convicted me.

*Please pray for me. This submission thing is a daily struggle, a daily “dying to self” exercise.


Glory to God alone for His word does not go back to Him empty but accomplishes the purpose for which He sends them! Praising and thanking Him for the undeserved opportunity to be the bearer of His encouragement for Vancouver sisters. My awe has not diminished but grown more at His grace to be with two of my most patient mentors, Edith and Heidi, who kept directing me to Christ and His word when I was in the valley of the shadow of death. To see a chain of biblical encouragement in front of my eyes is to experience God’s mercy grace love peace glory all over again. Thank you so much for sharing with me the takeaway learnings of our sisters. I will be sharing these fruits of prayers with the PWF Core Servants’ prayers who were with me in spirit and through prayer. Thank you too for being two of my dearest mentors, Edith and Heidi, for your prayer partnership, for patiently planting His word in my heart, for being the letter from Christ, salt and light that drew me closer to Him, being the iron that sharpens me, exhorting me to abide and obey until I could finally learn to submit from the heart.

Will continue to lift up the ladies in prayer for victory in submission.

Prayer with PWF Core Servants:

Requesting prayers please for Wed night Esther talk Vancouver that God give me every single word I speak, and drop every word that I shouldn’t speak, that He give me the wisdom and discernment I desperately need as apart from Him I can do absolutely nothing. May my heart be right to serve Him with faithfulness joy passion clarity love and for His glory alone.

May He be upon every detail of that event, that the ladies who need to hear it be there, that the ladies will hear His own voice and have the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and empowerment to obey.

May the Lord unite us in the Core Group and may your love and compassion for hurting women in the world join with mine that I will be able to relay our hearts for the women here in Jesus’s name and for His glory alone amen.

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