Should I Ask for Financial Help from “Dearly Departed” Husband? – Sis E

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Q: Please enlighten me. Is it pride po if nahihiya po akong magsabi sa asawa kong umalis (and wants to be separated) kung ano ang mga kailangan ng anak ko sa school that are a bit pricey? Or ako ako na lang po ba ang magproduce noon?


Dear Sis, best ask the Lord for confirmation.

My opinion is it is your husband’s privilege and duty to provide for his child. It is your child’s right for father to answer her need (if father not able or willing, Jesus will stand in the gap). As a mother, you may appeal respectfully, humbly, in a Christlike manner to your husband.

Fast and pray first for Holy Spirit’s guidance on what to say and how to say it, preferably in writing so that husband has time to absorb. Let it sit for a day or so so you can review it with fresh eyes to double check if humble respectful an Christlike. Maybe best if email so you both have copy.

Queen Esther fasted and prayed for three days and asked her spiritual family to fast with her before she began to make known to her husband her request.

Then surrender everything specially the results to God before sending your message.

If yes/ no/ maybe/ kulang/ wait—- in everything give thanks for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.

Continue to be consistently Christlike by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Expect 0% from husband . Expect 100 % from God.

Then wait on the Lord and take heart, wait on the Lord.

Praying Psalm 32:8 for you,

Psalm 23:1

in Jesus’s name and for His glory amen

Update from Sis E:

You know what, Sis, when my daughter’s March birthday was approaching, from January, she requested if she could have her birthday party in school. I told her, “Sige, Anak.”

I was thinking of buying her Happy Meal and cake so that she can celebrate her birthday with her classmates.

I didn’t tell my [dearly departed to other house and who blocked my communications to him-] husband although I prayed about it to God. I told the Lord, “It is You, Lord, who will touch my husband’s heart if he will think of our daughter’s birthday. Then after I sent to him the card made by our daughter for Valentine’s Day, my husband volunteered that on our daughter’s birthday, we will get Happy Meal and cake from McDo!. I was so amazed by the Lord! Praise God!

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