A Word On Divorce From Deonna Tanchi

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Q: Are there times when divorce is necessary?

“I think the issue of divorce and remarriage is really in the heart of God because God said that what He has joined together let no man separate.

There are many women who are in stressful situations with husbands who aren’t faithful, husbands who are difficult. But unless it’s a life-threatening situation, the Bible says that God hates divorce and so for me, I think it’s better to counsel on the conservative side because at least we know we’re pleasing God because the Bible says in (1Peter) Chapter 2 it says, “Slaves be submissive to your own masters even those who are difficult and unreasonable and you do this as unto Jesus because it pleases God when we suffer for what is righteous… 

Jesus when He was reviled kept entrusting Himself to God. And 1Peter Chapter 3 verse 1 says, ‘WIves, in the same way be submissive to your own husbands that even if they are disobedient to The Word they may be won without a word by their wives as they observe their chaste and respectful behavior so I think if we’re living to please God, we get our life from God and everything we do for our husband is for God…And Paul says we live to please God in everything that we do, that’s our ambition. 

So while it’s being said that a person can get divorced for certain reasons, you will never go wrong by sticking it out for God to see what He can do…

I’ve seen so many situations where women did not bail out early and their husbands were touched by God and are now serving God. 

I’ve seen other situations where women did not bail out and the husband has not much improved, but they have improved; and they become more like Christ as they learned how to forgive, to love unconditionally, to be controlled by the Spirit so that they can have a gentle and quiet spirit in the midst of the storms so to speak. 

So for any ladies that are in this situation…the Bible says that we have been made complete in Christ. He is the Lover of our Souls. He is the one that loves us the way we would want to be loved. And even if our husband is not loving us that way, we are a complete person and as we draw on the love of God through us, we can love our husband with Christ’s love and entrust him to God and let God deal with him. But in our case, we live for Jesus.”

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