Should I Listen to Joel Osteen’s Advice?

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Someone posted this on the PWF Chat:

“That person you’ve been trying to change, no matter how hard you try, they won’t do what you want. It’s time to say, ‘Sleep on!’ You can’t control people. You can’t make them do what’s right. Pray for them. Be respectful. But don’t go the next 30 years letting them frustrate you. Two simple words can change your life. Sleep on!”

“God has already lined up the right people to come into your life to help you reach your destiny. The right people, you don’t have to play at to, you don’t have to try to manipulate, convince them to be for you, convince them to stay awake. They will be for you through thick & thin. They’ll show up when you didn’t ask. They’ll encourage you when nobody else is around. But sometimes we are being frustrated by people that are never going to be for us. We are spending all our energy trying to win them over. No matter how good we are to them, everytime we need them they’re asleep, they’re busy, they’re not interested.”

“Quit swimming across an ocean to be good to someone that won’t walk across to paddle to be good to you.” – JoelOsteen


Dear Sis,

Praise God for His word that tells us He grants sleep to those He loves. And that we are more than conquerors in all the trials.

Dear sis, love you. We are supposed to seek God’s word as our pure spiritual milk to crave for growing up in our faith. It takes just a little bit of untruth (devil’s deception) for truth to not become truth just as it just takes a little poison to make food not suitable for consumption. Unless you have a perfect inside out command of the bible, it would be advisable to seek the Bible instead as there is so much truth to learn yet.

Joel Osteen has been heavily criticized for the advice he gives which contradict God’s word.

On the message content, yes, we really can’t change other people. That’s Gods job. Our job: obey God.

Gods word says Love always perseveres. Give the other cheek and the cloak too. If we follow what Jesus did, He served even His betrayer.

If Dawn Urquico (or the many many women who followed Jesus) followed Joel Osteen’s advice, Pastor Danny Urquico will still be a drug user abusive, liability, adulterer, etc. It takes the true love of Jesus (in this case thru the believing wife, Dawn) for genuine transformation to happen.

Dawn was stubborn in her faith, stubborn in fixing her eyes on Jesus, stubborn in believing and obeying God’s word.

God Himself will defend His own word and no eye has seen, no ear heard what He has in store for those who love (in bible speak, love means “obey” Him).

Here’s the transformed Pastor Danny helping tens of thousands of husbands wives and families around the world to turn to the Lord:

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