Fasting Day 1 (2Timothy1:7) Takeaways

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JV: Thank you all dear sisters for all your wonderful sharing, indeed sobrang nakaka addict na mag Bible study. And God really will make a way for us when there seems to be no way.

Takeaways ko for today, dito sa mga lessons, God concreted na yung authority naten to rebuke fears and anything that is not from Him. There is no room for fears for those who believe in Him, but as human at times we fail on that but rejoice! God is a God of unlimited chances and love. Hindi nauubos, it will just overflow until macatch mo and your cup will also overflows so you can bless others din. Truly we have an amazing God! 🙏🙌

JO: My take home from our Bible Study today, no one can steal our joy and our peace despite what was happening around us because God’s power is incomparably mighty and great. Our confidence must come from the Lord and not from anybody else. God bless and take care mga sisters in faith.

LI: My take home in today’s bible study fellowship:
We have so many promises from God’s word to encourage us, assure us of God’s protection, and empower us to fight the enemy. We need to seek and claim the wisdom of God to equip us during times the enemy tries to pull us back down. Fear, doubt and worry should have no place in our life for these are the opposite of faith. We have an omnipotent God who fights for us. Ang tibay ng ating Pader ( Father ) na sinasandalan!

CH: I was reminded that despite being perfect and without sin, Jesus washed the feet of Judas (a person close to Jesus) and forgave him for his betrayal.

We as sinners should even show/extend more effort in forgiving those who betray us, even to those who are close to us if we are to be like Christ and to die to self (lose our Pride) so that those who wronged us will be won over without words by our being like Christ.🙏🏻

We have to lose our entitlement attitude that we have to be treated right everytime and that we want to be avenged. Let God be our protector. People who wronged us are lost. That’s why we have to help God save them by doing His will.

AY: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

The demon works overtime. Minsan kaibigan mo na akala mong mabait but gagamit ng enemy to harm us. There were times I ask God why he let bad things happen. I asked God why he didn’t protect me. But maybe it was the enemy who did it and God was crying seeing me in pain kasi daughter niya ako. So I know God will vindicate me. God is sovereign. As humans, it is hard to forgive but it is only thru the grace of God the Holy Spirit that will help us and heal us from brokenness.

C2: My takeaway for today’s bible study
God gave us the Wisdom to understand why we need to go through our trials, He wanted us to be strong so we could counter attack the purpose of the enemy. Through this trial, if we would really let God lead our lives, nothing can go wrong kahit ano pa ibulong ni enemy we will not be shaken because God gave us his promise, he will defend us from our enemy, He will never leave us nor forsake us. Just the thought of God giving his only Son in order to save us , that is pure love, unconditional love, sobra sobra ng ebidensya para maniwala tayo na he really love us. Just keep fixing our eyes unto Him and believe in his promises. Lavarn at kapit lang mga Sis, we are already Victorious, because we already received our Salvation through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. ❤️❤️❤️

CV: My take away in today’s BS

No reason to fear

Read John 10:27
Psalm 56:3-4
Psalm 27:1
Luke 10:19
1Cor.15: 55
And more.

JO2: Thank You Lord Jesus for this time you gave us and the opportunity to grasp the knowledge and wisdom from Your words. My takeway from our bible sharing today is God’s unconditional love, grace, and mercy will forever be sufficient especially in times of fear and distress. Believing, trusting and be confident in His ways to administer us in our daily struggles should be the way to go. Cast out all [burdens] as in everything upon Him. Through Your words, remind us everyday Lord Jesus that You are the Lord of our lives. Constantly remind us Lord Jesus of our divine spiritual right to fight the enemy, the evil forces that lurks inside our hearts and minds. Laban mga sis! Kahit nasasaktan! Kahit umiiyak! Offer na natin lahat kay God! Siya na bahala!

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