God’s Word Debunks Satan’s Curses

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“You are loved. You are valuable. You are special. I have a purpose for you that’s unique, special which nobody else can fulfill. You have everything it takes to accomplish My purpose for you. I planned for you. You were in your mother’s womb for nine months but you were in my heart for thousands of years.”

This is God’s impartation from His Word empowering you to prosper and be blessed.

God’s truths destroy the lies that the enemy may have planted early in childhood that would resonate with painful or traumatic experiences in adulthood bringing back Satan’s death pronouncements of “You are worthless.” and similar lies.

Human agents (such as parents or spouse) are used to impart both Satan’s and God’s messages. The more we know God’s Word, the better equipped we will be to understand to identify and negate the lies about our identity and destiny so that we will be set us free.

By teaming up with Christ, you can be the instrument to change your family’s legacy from generational curse to generational blessing for the future.

(Notes from Craig Hill, Family Foundations, Inc.)

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