Do Not Malign Your Husband -Malu Ortiz

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Dear PW, let us pause for awhile and pray:

Dear Lord,

You are a Way Maker, a Miracle Worker and a Promise Keeper. Nothing is impossible with You and in Your perfect time, You are able to turn around my circumstances. Forgive me for harboring bitterness caused by my husband’s rejection and neglect. Help me to forgive him and to overcome the pain he inflicts on me. Thank you for reminding me that we are all sinners and in Your eyes, I’m no better than my husband because I am a sinner too.

I lift up to You my husband. May you orchestrate his circumstances so that he will have nowhere to go to except to You. Save my husband from sin and cut off any demonic footholds and strongholds from his life.

Thank You in advance for how You will restore our marriage and family in Jesus name, amen! ❤️🙏

Ladies, lets be careful not to malign our husbands. You may request for a counselling schedule for specific situations instead of posting details of your husband’s sin. God commands the wife to respect her husband. If yours is in sin, let God do His job. We are here to learn and be encouraged.❤️”

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