“Among the gods there is NONE like You, Lord; no deeds can compare with Yours.”
(Psalm 86:8, NIV)

Do I still have gods in my heart that prevent the ONE true and living God from reigning in my life?

What do these false gods offer that attract or lure me into them?

Can these gods compare with JESUS’ unparalleled perfection?

My Lord JESUS is the only One, and He alone is worthy to receive my true praise, worship, honor, and glory for He is unique in character, exceptional in integrity, distinct in graciousness, unequal in perfection, and eternal in power.

He alone deserves my most humble thanksgiving, my most devoted praise and my most trusting obedience.

The Lord JESUS is indeed One, for He is Supreme. He has NO comparison among the gods, for there is NONE like Him. I will remove any false god or foolish idol that I have created in my own heart and imagination.

And the best way I have of praising Him is by acknowledging that there is NONE like Him.

He alone is worthy of my worship, praise and thanksgiving, and I will pray that the rest of my life may be set aside completely for Him in willing obedience and humble devotion – for His praise and glory.

Thank You, JESUS! There is none like You!

Ladies, let us reflect on this and check our hearts if we have made our husbands or other people or things our idols. God is a jealous God and wants Him to be our priority over our husbands.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who is the first person I think of when I wake up?
  2. Who is the person I’m always thinking of?
  3. Who is the person I’m always talking about?
    That person could be taking the place of God.

-Malu Ortiz

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