Steps to Submission – Sis R

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Take out ko from our afternoon small group:

In order to close the gap from where I am in level of submission to meeting the perfect obedience level of 10 in the submission scale, I realized to commit myself to always include Christ in my plans and ways.

I really thought submissive wife na ako in doing my role; for example, to keep husband informed to help him make better decisions, yun pala unsolicited advice and pangongontra ang dating sa kanya.

I was helping him in ways I thought was the right thing but to him it was not what he needed. Even though I have good intentions, it comes across to him as nagging and always presenting myself as better, mas magaling. This hinders his own leadership; it is not according to “winning husband over without a word.”

It took me years before I became intentional in my prayer asking God to make me the perfect helpmate to my husband and give me discernment on how to be so.

When I prayed for discernment, sumagot naman si God kaya nalaman ko mali ang ways ko sa need ni husband. I don’t need to direct, command him. I can instead pray to God to guide and direct him. If he asks me for my opinion, that’s when I will express it.