Marriage Shipwreck – Malu Ortiz

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If you are experiencing a marriage shipwreck, this is for you… Lessons we can learn from ACTS 27:1-44…

Apostle Paul went through storms and shipwreck yet he reached the shore because nothing can hinder God from accomplishing His purpose for him. God was with him all throughout the journey and he reached his final destination.

Many times, we experience delay in achieving our purpose because when we do not have a biblical perspective of the STORMS in our lives, we are hindered from running the race. Like the sailors and prisoners, we ignore God’s instructions and biblical advice of godly people. We like to act based on our feelings, harboring bitterness and unforgiveness towards the one who hurt us most—- our husband.

When trials come, we are blinded by the pain and worries of life and miss seeing the bigger picture. We take risks, thinking we can solve problems on our own. We lose hope and become exhausted running our own lives.

We begin to be afraid, discouraged, and frustrated. We lose control because our faith is not anchored on God. We let go of the life boats trying to escape and save ourselves. We forget to pray and ask help from our only Hope, Lord and Savior Jesus.

We tend to run away from our hurts not realizing that problems catch up with us. They will not go away unless we face them. As Paul instructed, we need to stay in the boat to survive. Like the ark, the boat represents Jesus. Those who choose to stay will live.

Letting go of the cargo or the heavy loads means we need to let go of the things that hinder us from getting to our destination: worry, ego, pride, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, doubt, control over our situation.

Being in a shipwreck means we have reached the point of brokenness. We’ve done everything we could and now face with the consequence of not trusting God. We try to run away from our hurts and begin to entertain thoughts on separating from our husband, filing for annulment or VAWC.

When Apostle Paul talked to the people about God, his dreams, and how God assured him that they will survive if only they will be still and believe, the people began to pray. We not only need to pray but believe that God can get us out of the shipwreck and bring us to the SHORE.

The SHORE is the place where we can finally find rest from the STORM AND SHIPWRECK. God can take us there but we first need to lay down our anchor on God and find encouragement.

He finally brings us to the point of surrendering. We need to eat spiritual food (His word) to gain strength.

We will reach the shore safely and enjoy Gods presence in our lives.

In which stage are you in? In the STORM where God is still molding you and building your character?

In a SHIPWRECK where you are already broken and surrendered, ready to listen and obey God’s commands?

Or you now in the SHORE because you no longer battle with the storm, no longer relying on your husband for your happiness but on Jesus, living a victorious life?

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